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Help plan a Bike to School Day event for a school near you!

Registration is now open for National Bike to School Day on Wednesday, May 10.  Students, educators, families, community partners, and elected officials are invited to register your event and find resources on planning.

Locally, Jennifer Delcourt with Active Routes to School Region 5 is also gearing up for the Race for Registration. Visit her website for details. Check out AHA’s Safe Routes to School in Wake County Toolkit for information on starting and maintaining walking and biking programs as well so that students are active all year long getting to and from school.

The National Center for Safe Routes to School is teaming up with Schwinn to host the Schwinn Bike to School Day Bike Share Giveaway. Ten lucky schools that register their Bike to School Day events on will be selected to win 10 Schwinn SmartStart bikes and 20 Schwinn helmets. Drawings begin on April 19.  More information here.

The City of Raleigh is also once again providing Bike to Work Day pit-stops around the area, to encourage local commuters to swap four wheels for two on Friday, May 19th. We’ll keep you updated on the locations of designated pit-stops as the information becomes available.

Capital Blvd Redesign

Check out this video outlining improvements along Capital Boulevard including new bike/ped improvements at Wade Ave and Peace Street. O&S had a big part in pushing for these accommodations by attending meetings which occurred in 2014.

Taking the #Coffeeneuring Challenge

I think the #coffeeneuring challenge comes at the perfect time.  Running from October 4 – November 17, it spans through North Carolina’s fall colors and into the beginning of colder temperatures where you need a reason to get up and get out on a chilly morning.   Although there are several ways to explain what coffeeneuring is, my favorite way of putting it is this:

Getting a cup of coffee with a bunch of rules.

Curvy mountainous roads?  No problem!  I just had a zillion caffeine points!
Curvy mountainous roads? No problem! I just had a zillion caffeine points just outside of Asheville, NC.

Now who would want to do that, you might ask??  Why can’t you just go get a cup of coffee on the weekend and be done with it?  There are folks all across the country getting cups of coffee, following simple rules, and enjoying both small and large adventures in the process.  You can read all about the rules, but I’ll give you the main idea: take a casual bike ride to get 7 cups of coffee in 7 weeks, one cup per weekend day if you work a regular M-F job, at a variety of places and document your experience.  Other beverages such as tea qualify as well.  Read on to learn more about my adventure and hopefully next year you will join myself and others in the challenge!   Continue reading Taking the #Coffeeneuring Challenge

Walnut Creek to Neuse River Trail: a new escape from downtown

This past weekend a customer at Oak City Cycling Project informed me that the Walnut Creek Greenway connection to the Neuse River Trail had recently opened. Today I had the perfect window of time to ride a new exploratory route before the freezing rain arrived. I was amped to get out and spin my legs for a couple hours rambling through new territory. Here’s my machine:

Walnut Creek Downtown
All-City Macho Man Disc striking a pose
Cycling the Walnut Creek Trail from Mordecai to the Neuse River and back is about 23 miles. This section provides an awesome greenway link connecting Umstead State Park, the North Carolina Museum of Art, NCSU, Downtown and Southeast Raleigh to the Neuse River Greenway.
Raleigh Greenway Walnut Creek Neuse River
map showing connection from Walnut Creek to Neuse River sections

A Park with a City In It

capital city greenway 1968 raleigh
The 1968 Capital City Greenway report

Raleigh’s greenway system is a unique and forward-thinking network of natural areas within the city. Despite containing a ribbon as asphalt for cyclists and pedestrians it is far from your typical multi-use path. The Capital City Greenway is a natural preserve that reaches into and around Raleigh. It’s history began in the late 60’s with the intersection of one William Flournoy and the Raleigh Capital Improvement Plan.

We’ve spent some time with Bill Flournoy and we able to learn how the greenway system has grown from a concept on paper to an ever-growing natural refuge for people and wildlife alike.

Continue reading A Park with a City In It