image of Kristy Dactyl and Harry Rybacki

Welcome to our new (and old) board members!

Last Saturday night, we held our second annual membership party.  The kind partners of The Assembly generously provided us with a home for this year’s festivities. Whole Foods Market also donated a generous amount of food. Just like last year, it was amazing. We are continually amazed by how supportive, energetic, and diverse our community is. It is folks such as yourselves that give us the energy to keep on fostering the community of people who ride bikes in Raleigh.

To recap, we had four board positions open for election in 2018:

  • Advocacy Coordinator
  • At Large Coordinator
  • Financial Coordinator
  • Marketing and Outreach Coordinator

Each of the nominees spoke to a crowd of roughly fifty members who were eager to learn about the folks trying to make our city continue to move forward. Much like last year, it was a close race,  and there were no bad choices to be had. Without further ado this year’s new board members are:

  • Advocacy Coordinator: Molly McKinley
  • At Large Coordinator: Cody Stokes
  • Financial Coordinator: Mike Scott
  • Marketing and Outreach  Coordinator: Dawn Keyser

To each of the nominees, thank you. You have all demonstrated a commitment to your community that goes above and beyond the norm. We are looking forward to working with each of you over the next two years as we continue to mature our organization and make riding a bike in Raleigh a safe, convenient, and comfortable option for people of all ages and abilities.

Finally, we would like to explicitly thank outgoing board member and founder of Oaks & Spokes, Kristy (Dactyl) Jackson.  Since its inception, Kristy has been both heart beat and main voice of Oaks & Spokes. Through countless hours of conversations, bike rides, strategy sessions, and plain hard work she has predominantly shaped what our organization is today.

Words cannot truly express how much she has impacted Oaks & Spokes, the City of Raleigh, or the state of North Carolina. Although we are sad to see her go, we are more excited to see what adventures she puts her energy into next. Much love, Kristy, much love.

image of Kristy Dactyl and Harry Rybacki

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