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Friday Fun on the 4th

Nancy McFarlane bicycle mayor

Nancy McFarlane welcomes you to Raleigh from the back of this here rickshaw.  Getting downtown to the fireworks by bike is an excellent option.

Oaks and Spokes wants you to ride responsibly tonight, whatever your destination or mode may be!   Have fun out there.

Photo Friday: Hitting the Dusty Trail!

Reedy Creek Trail at Umstead State Forest
Reedy Creek Trail at Umstead State Forest

It’s getting towards that time of year where it’s “too cold to ride” for some people. My advice? Head out to some of the awesome local trails we have available! There’s usually less of a cutting wind, and riding on the dirt is really fun. You could ride almost any kind of bike through Umstead Forest’s Reedy Creek Trail, and Lake Crabtree on the other side of Umstead has some really accessible mountain bike trails. You could spend all winter on the trainer, or…you could go out and ride.

On the red carpet: The 2013 Golden Modes

We just got back from Go Triangle’s 2013 Golden Modes, an annual Triangle-area commuter award and recognition event. This year it was held in the beautifully re-purposed downtown Cary Arts Center. There were many multi-modal users and organizations being recognized for encouraging others to try alternative commute modes and efforts to make the Triangle a better place.  Continue reading On the red carpet: The 2013 Golden Modes

Photo Friday: Yarnbomb!


While maybe not technically cycling related, I thought this was a fun thing to touch on today. All around downtown, someone has been yarnbombing street signs and bike racks. Yarnbombing is a sort of street art that brings color into otherwise bland urban infrastructure. It serves a practical purpose as well, helping to protect your bike’s frame from scratches as you lock up. I don’t know who is doing this, but I like it! In particular, I think the additions to the animal racks outside of Chuck’s/Beasley’s/Fox at Martin and Wilmington are adorable. What’s your favorite bit of street art?

Friday Fun: Growth of the Greenways

Happy Friday! Did you know that Raleigh’s greenways have been in the city’s Capital Improvement Plan since 1968?

What better way to appreciate this belt of urban greenery than the Festival In Motion on the Walnut Creek Greenway this Saturday. Come check out all the activities at this family-friendly event and learn about decomposition, weeds, and animal tracks through a series of games.  Take a nature walk to learn about wetlands or streams.  There’s art on the trail, exhibits, and a tour showcasing the building itself.  If you’re tuckered out, relax in one of the rocking chairs that overlook the wetland.   Oaks and Spokes is hosting a greenway ride to the festival this Saturday starting from Lake Johnson Park. Come cruise the trail and then hit up Captain Poncho’s and Urban Street Grill food trucks at the festival!

raleigh greenway concept 1968 flournoy
The Capital City Greenway (conceptual) from Raleigh: The park with a city in it, 1968. Courtesy of Bill Flournoy