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Oaks & Spokes is growing bicycling community and culture in Raleigh.  We support bicycling as a viable mode of transportation and intend to leave a lingering impact through outreach, collaboration, and making real change within our city.

  • We are an all-volunteer board  composed of 9 individuals who live in and/or work in Raleigh, NC.
  • We host and promote cycling related events in and around Downtown Raleigh.  These events are almost always free and intended for any and all types of people who ride bikes.
  • We facilitate innovative projects like Bicycle Repair Stations, Bicycle Corral Parking, and are always working on new ideas!
  • We have held an annual festival each spring since March 2013 through collaborations with people and businesses in the city.  The first Oaks and Spokes Festival occurred March 2013 and had over 1,200 participants.
  • We work toward better facilities and changes to policies that affect the ability to safely and efficiently ride a bicycle in Raleigh and in North Carolina.  We keep a keen eye on bicycle planning in Raleigh.

Meet our Board

4 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Do you have any more t-shirts for sale with the tree/bike design? My younger son has almost worn his out – and I would like to get one for older son also. Colors in large?
    Raleigh NC

    1. Glad to hear he loves the bike tree! Unfortunately we have sold all of our gray t-shirts. We hope to print more for the 2014 festival. Keep an eye on the website for details.

  2. I need to know your location and hours. Where is this information? Is it on the first page? Did I miss it somehow?

    1. Hi, Eric! It’s possible that you have us confused with Oak City Cycling Project, a local bike shop. You can find information about them at their website http://www.oakcitycycling.com. We are just a cycling advocacy non-profit with no physical location. Hope this helps!

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