Taking the #Coffeeneuring Challenge

I think the #coffeeneuring challenge comes at the perfect time.  Running from October 4 – November 17, it spans through North Carolina’s fall colors and into the beginning of colder temperatures where you need a reason to get up and get out on a chilly morning.   Although there are several ways to explain what coffeeneuring is, my favorite way of putting it is this:

Getting a cup of coffee with a bunch of rules.

Curvy mountainous roads?  No problem!  I just had a zillion caffeine points!

Curvy mountainous roads? No problem! I just had a zillion caffeine points just outside of Asheville, NC.

Now who would want to do that, you might ask??  Why can’t you just go get a cup of coffee on the weekend and be done with it?  There are folks all across the country getting cups of coffee, following simple rules, and enjoying both small and large adventures in the process.  You can read all about the rules, but I’ll give you the main idea: take a casual bike ride to get 7 cups of coffee in 7 weeks, one cup per weekend day if you work a regular M-F job, at a variety of places and document your experience.  Other beverages such as tea qualify as well.  Read on to learn more about my adventure and hopefully next year you will join myself and others in the challenge!   Continue reading

Come Ride for a Cause this November: Raleigh Cranksgiving 2014!

Cranksgiving Raleigh 2014!

I’m excited to announce a new Oaks & Spokes event just around the corner: Cranksgiving, a mobile food drive on two wheels (or three if you have a tricycle!) where riders collect food and donations from local stores by bike. Cranksgiving is a national concept that started in New York in 1999 and has spread to countless other cities since. It is such a fun and excellent way to bike your city, build community, and help provide for the needy during the holidays. Continue reading

RIDE and IMBIBE with us on Thursday!

RIDE and IMBIBE on Thursday to bring bike repair stations to Raleigh!

cafe de los muertos raleigh oaks and spokes bike

Ride at Cafe de Los Muertos on Thursday to support Oaks and Spokes fundraising campaign to install bike repair stations in Raleigh!

  • What? Ride from Cafe de Los Muertos (Pick your poison: 10 or 20 miles)
  • When? Thursday October 23rd, 6PM departure.
  • Why? To Support Oaks and Spokes!!

Two rides to choose from! A 20 mile (at around 20 MPH) ride will leave Cafe de Los Muertos at 6PM. A more casual ride will also leave at 6PM that will cover about 10 miles. Hang around afterward and socialize with a $4 Draft Beer Special, $3 Latte Special, or our House Red wine, grown right here in North Carolina for $5. Half the proceeds are going directly to the Oaks and Spokes Bicycle Repair Station Project. The 3 Specials start at 6PM and end at 9PM.

Finally, if you needed any more incentive to show up at Cafe de los Muertos, enter a $5 raffle to win a pound of coffee of your choice along with a limited release wood coaster set (2) of the Cafe de los Muertos logo etched into them! There will be two winning numbers chosen.

Can’t make it??  Click to Contribute to the campaign:Contribute

We Need Your Support!

Oaks and Spokes has a new project up their sleeve and we need your support!  In the past we worked with the City of Raleigh to bring a ‘Bike Corral” to a parking space on Hargett St to make cycling more visible.  This time, we’re working on facilitating the purchase and installation of two bike repair stations and heavy-duty pumps.  One will be located in downtown Raleigh and another will be located on our gorgeous, extensive greenway system.


These stations and the pumps will be installed in high visibility, high use locations.  You know you’ve been in a situation where you just need a little air or a quick tune.  We’re currently working with the #BikeRaleigh program and the Parks and Cultural Resources Department to confirm the final locations.

Please contribute to our fundraising campaign so that you can be a part of making this amenity happen in Raleigh.  Your donation by October 31, 2015 will give Oaks and Spokes the capacity to keep the conversation ‘rolling.’BikeRepairStations

Product Review: Chrome SPD Shoes

Chrome SPD compatible bike shoes in the wild.

Chrome SPD compatible bike shoes in the wild.

Last year, we talked about some SPD compatible shoes that you can wear around town without looking like you just finished taking part in the Spring Classics. After many months of wearing our DZRs around, we began to look for other options for stylish clipless shoes, and Chrome Industries has delivered with a redesigned urban shoe line. Featuring two distinct models, the Kursk Pro and Truk Pro, the Chrome shoes emulate classic styles (Chuck Taylor lowtops and Vans Classics, respectively) which you should find suitable for most casual attire. So how do they hold up on and off the bike?  Skip past the break for some short reviews from several of our contributors, going over their experiences!

Continue reading