Why do you like Raleigh Bike Polo?

Oaks and Spokes is sharing stories about people bicycling in Raleigh.  We are using this project to collect and share short stories, each featuring a common theme, with a question about bicycling.

Why do you like Raleigh Bike Polo?  Let’s find out why the members of RBP come out and play polo and what the sport is all about..

If you’re interested in playing or watching check us out at raleighbikepolo.com

2 thoughts on “Why do you like Raleigh Bike Polo?”

  1. So far I don’t like a bunch of white guys riding into the community center tenniscourt and taking it over, yo don’t do nothing to help anybody here. You think you can just use it cause nobody else is but that attitude is rooted in the culture of I have and I want more. It’s real estate to you and it’s in the hood so that’s cool, go use it and be so hip.Not. But that’s how you do. If you brought bikes for kids who need bikes and skates and boards and spent some time instead of riding in like a polo club using space, you’d catch my drift an ask the city to make this place a skate park where the kids who live here can ride and be safe and have fun. Something to think about. Make a kickstarter or whatever for the kids who LIVE HERE NOW instead of playing for free taking it all for granted that nobody cares. Some of us try hard, and its real.

    1. I appreciate your feedback, and want to share some of the effort that has gone into gaining approval for Raleigh Bike Polo to use the Tarboro Courts. I started out speaking at the North Central CAC public meeting held at Tarboro about the use of the courts late last year, then branched out to City Council members, many Parks and Rec employees, as well as Mayor McFarlane. All which wouldn’t have been possible without the help of a Octavia, the chairperson of the CAC and local activist. Our goal all along is to provide a benefit to the community while utilizing the space as well.

      With the support of everyone mentioned above, we now have a formal agreement with Parks and Recreation that allows us to play as long as we maintain the courts and host events with the community center that are bike-related (like bike rodeos for the kids). While that’s the minimum requirement in writing, the club wants to go beyond that to have a positive impact on the community. We have already had an opportunity to do this by providing spare bikes and equipment for anyone to come up and play (although we do have a liability agreement players must sign). In addition, there have been countless times where people ride by needing help tuning up their bike and we have helped them with the tools we have.

      Since we only gained access to the courts in late Winter, we have not yet had a chance to host an outdoor community event yet, but it will be happening very soon now that the weather is warming up. As far as skating goes, I have been contacted for advice by someone who is attempting to work with Parks in the same way to build a skate park downtown. I gave them all the advice I could and hopefully they are able to be successful. I hope you will feel welcome joining us at any of our practices or events, and that it becomes obvious to those around us that what we’re doing as a club is always with the community in mind. If you have any more questions or suggestions feel free to contact me at raleighbikepolo@gmail.com.


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