Vote with your Butt on November 5

Have you been upset about cars parked in the bike lanes?
Have you been concerned about cars opening their door into you?
Are you concerned about motorists passing safely?

Attend the City Council meeting on Tuesday November 5 at 7PM to show your support for changes in Raleigh’s City Code to address these issues.

Members of Oaks and Spokes began drawing attention to the parked cars in bike lanes issue in 2012 to try to increase it’s priority within Raleigh’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Council (BPAC).  Since then, BPAC has put countless hours into studying these issues and has held several meetings to come up with both short and long-term solutions for the issue of parked cars in bike lanes and the others discussed above.   By trying to get as many individuals who ride bicycles in front of City Council and the Mayor, We who support bicycling as a viable mode of transportation in Raleigh intend to leave a lingering impact.

Raleigh City Code changes will prohibit vehicles from parking in the city's bike lanes.
Raleigh City Code changes will prohibit vehicles from parking in any future bike lane installations.
  • Show your support for these changes in city code to promote bicycling safely in Raleigh.
  • Make bicycling a visible transportation choice in the City of Raleigh just by attending.
  • Bring your helmet to show City Council you are someone who bikes!


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