Survey: The Great Wall Project

Oaks and Spokes is asking for your help in identifying potential bicycling corridor projects. This is outreach effort is affectionately termed “The Great Wall” Project because we realize the barriers that I-40 can create to bicycling in Raleigh*.  We’d like to understand more about where you ride and how you would prioritize breaking down bicycling barriers.

Click “The Great Wall” to participate in the survey:

The Great Wall Project

*This survey is not a part of any formal City of Raleigh planning efforts.

3 thoughts on “Survey: The Great Wall Project”

  1. Is there a comprehensive list / map of preferred cycling routes somewhere? If not, there should be. I take the same 20-24 mile route 2-4 times a week because it’s relatively safe and challenging. Yet, I’d like to know the preferred routes of some of those fanatics out there.

  2. WILMINGTON STREET running south from downtown Raleigh to its merge with Saunders 2 miles away, is a divided 4-lane boulevard, with very limited car traffic, due to its lack of an I-40 access ramp.

    It is the BEST CANDIDATE in Raleigh for conversion into a 2-lane divided boulevard for cars and a separated BICYCLE BOULEVARD.

    It perfectly fits your GREAT WALL PROJECT, as it would allow bicycles to travel between downtown and southwest and southeast Raleigh without coping with I-40 at all. Wilmington runs under the I-40 expressway, so it is no barrier.

    I am a 30-year resident of Raleigh, and I am as knowledgeable about the downtown area as anyone, and I know that, in terms of cost/benefit to bikers, there is no “lower-hanging fruit” than South Wilmington for an upgrade to benefit bikers.

    FYI: I presented this idea to the City planners at the 2013 “South Saunders Visioneering” sessions.

    Best regards,

    Renpark John

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