Special September Off-Roading Events

With the fall season fast approaching, there are several special opportunities geared at experiencing some off-road riding in or within spitting distance of Raleigh.  These three upcoming events are a special off-road treat for Raleighite: Cyclocross Movie Night to get yourself oriented to the sport, Spring Hill Cyclocross Series at Dorothea Dix, and the Crabtree Dirt Jam which is sure to impress or inspire with a day of bmx jumps.

September Off-Roading Opportunities in Raleigh
September Off-Roading Opportunities in Raleigh

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Two Years of Benelux Cafe Social Ride

While the Benelux Café Social Ride started in May, 2011 this September signifies my second year being involved with the ride. Through the months and years I’ve tried to do my part as a photographer to support the growth of the ride, showing through social media how much fun a group of people can have on bikes, even in the dead of winter!

Below are some of my favorite photos from the past couple of years.  Starting in October 2011, through this set of photos you can literally watch us grow.  Enjoy!

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Tech Tidbit: Tire pressure and you

We all know that we need to inflate our tires to prevent flats and to make riding easier. Do you know why? Why does a fully inflated tire resist flats more than a soft one, shouldn’t it want to pop? Bicycle tires are a wonderful thing and we don’t realize how much they affect our riding experience. You don’t have to be a seasoned racer to appreciate what a difference proper tire inflation can have.


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Ride and Picnic with Raleigh Bike Polo

If your ears have stopped ringing and you’ve been able to catch a few hours of sleep after Hopscotch this weekend, come out Sunday afternoon and ride with Oaks and Spokes to a bike polo picnic party!

polo picnic

Meet at the Capitol steps (where Fayetteville Street hits the Capitol building) in Downtown Raleigh at 1:30pm on Sunday for a seven mile ride.  We will be cruising en masse to Marsh Creek Park where we’ll meet up with Raleigh Bike Polo and attend the Passin’ Snax and Passin’ Balls picnic. Continue reading Ride and Picnic with Raleigh Bike Polo

Hepcat Recap

Hepcat 2013 kicks off!
Hepcat 2013 kicks off! (Photo Credit: Bryan Rierson)

Did you miss the Hepcat Race this year, or were wondering how it went? Well lucky for you, the folks from Oaks and Spokes were on site and taking everything in to share with you all. Have no idea what Hepcat is, but want to know more? Either way, jump past the break for our recap of this purr-fect day!

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