Voting “Yes” to the City of Raleigh Transportation Bond on October 8th will Support Cycling in Your Community!


As Raleigh continues to grow, it is vital that we invest in our transportation networks. This is key to increasing the quality of life of every resident, and maintaining a healthy and dynamic city. In order to secure the necessary funding needed to maintain and improve our transportation system, the City Council has added a Capital Improvement Transportation Bond to the ballot on October 8th. If implemented, the bond will fund 18 projects throughout the city.

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Yes, You Can Survive the Roundabout


They are something that we all have to deal with, but as a cyclist it can be especially daunting to use the roundabouts. Is that car going to stop? Can I make it right now? When should I try to merge into the lane? All of these questions, and more, shall be answered after the break!

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Friday Fun: Growth of the Greenways

Happy Friday! Did you know that Raleigh’s greenways have been in the city’s Capital Improvement Plan since 1968?

What better way to appreciate this belt of urban greenery than the Festival In Motion on the Walnut Creek Greenway this Saturday. Come check out all the activities at this family-friendly event and learn about decomposition, weeds, and animal tracks through a series of games.  Take a nature walk to learn about wetlands or streams.  There’s art on the trail, exhibits, and a tour showcasing the building itself.  If you’re tuckered out, relax in one of the rocking chairs that overlook the wetland.   Oaks and Spokes is hosting a greenway ride to the festival this Saturday starting from Lake Johnson Park. Come cruise the trail and then hit up Captain Poncho’s and Urban Street Grill food trucks at the festival!

raleigh greenway concept 1968 flournoy
The Capital City Greenway (conceptual) from Raleigh: The park with a city in it, 1968. Courtesy of Bill Flournoy

An Epic Tour & what it means to be a co-op

This September Raleigh was blessed with an inspiring visitor from the Other Carolina. Eric Morton hails from Charleston, SC and found himself in Raleigh during a bit of a bicycle anomaly: Hopscotch + Bike First Friday. Just three weeks into a year-long, cross-country bicycle tour, Eric rolled into downtown hoping to scope out a good meeting spot by seeking parked bicycles. The problem was: everything was covered in bicycles.

raleigh bike polo epic tour
Eric at the Raleigh Bike Polo picnic

Cyclists tend to gravitate together, so it wasn’t long before Eric found some members of Raleigh Bike Polo scoping out the Hopscotch happenings. There was soon a  critical mass of bike-love at the City Plaza stage. Many stories were shared and folks were very interested in Eric’s journey and plan.  Click ahead to hear about Eric’s cross-country trek and some insights on what it means to be a bicycle co-op.

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See Click Fix (it up) in Raleigh

Bicyclists travel at about 12-15mph.  We’re not inside a glass bubble.  We cover a lot of ground and are able to see, smell, and hear the things that happen around us.  We notice the day-to-day changes with relative ease on our morning commutes or afternoon rambles on the greenway.  We’re sure to see maintenance issues as our rubber tires roll.  It’s not that issue reporting falls to bicyclists alone, but we are driving the perfect vehicle for making sure that things are up to snuff in Raleigh.

What is See Click Fix?

This is the platform that the City of Raleigh encourages residents to use for reporting non-emergency issue in their neighborhood.  Read on and you will see how quick and easy it is to use if you spot a problem.

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