Get Your Santa Hat On

Santa Suit not required, but highly recommended.
Santa Suit not required, but highly recommended.

Tis the season for dressing up in a Santa Suit and riding your bike around town!

You don’t need a special reason for bicycle-induced holiday cheer but fortunately for you all there are some special opportunities in Raleigh to break out your “cool whip,” toss on a festive hat, and practice your “ho-ho-ho’s.”  This is one of my favorite kinds of winter riding.  High visibility beards.  To find out more details on what bike-related festivities are going on while the squirrels are gathering up all the acorns this holiday season, keep reading.

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Photo Friday: Hitting the Dusty Trail!

Reedy Creek Trail at Umstead State Forest
Reedy Creek Trail at Umstead State Forest

It’s getting towards that time of year where it’s “too cold to ride” for some people. My advice? Head out to some of the awesome local trails we have available! There’s usually less of a cutting wind, and riding on the dirt is really fun. You could ride almost any kind of bike through Umstead Forest’s Reedy Creek Trail, and Lake Crabtree on the other side of Umstead has some really accessible mountain bike trails. You could spend all winter on the trainer, or…you could go out and ride.

Once Upon a Time in Raleigh…

Hey!  Do you have a minute?  There's a little story we want to tell.
Hey! Do you have a minute? There’s a story I want to tell you about a city in the South.  It shouldn’t take too long.
The place is Raleigh, North Carolina.  The time is right now.
The setting is Raleigh, North Carolina. You might have heard of it.  We make a lot of lists for the “Top ten city for” this or “One of the best places” to do that.

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Learning to Bike in My 30s

By Liz Hester


If you had asked me before last year about riding a bike, I would have said, I learned how as a kid and hadn’t touched one since I got my driver’s license (except that one beer biking tour in Munich, but that doesn’t really count). At that time, I lived in New York City. Only crazy bike messengers and guys in Spandex rode bikes. It was just too dangerous. And in fact, I kind of hated those guys zooming past in Central Park hunched in packs, taking up all the space and getting angry when you accidentally stepped out of the running lane. They were so aggressive.

But my attitude began to change once I moved back to Raleigh. One of my friends co-founded Oak City Cycling Project and I wanted to be supportive of his venture. But the thought of riding terrified me. Once here, it quickly became apparent that I was going to have to get over it and get on two wheels. Everyone I met rode for transportation and fun. It seemed like everywhere I turned, the conversation was about bikes, components, routes, gear, or simply riding together.

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Raleigh wants to know: where do you park?

bike rack raleigh

The City of Raleigh has begun a bike rack initiative and wants to know where cyclists want bike parking. This is a great opporunity to provide input on where these racks are installed. City riding has exploded recently and there are areas we all recognize as prime candidates for increased bike parking. Help encourage trips by bicycle by recommending racks at destinations you frequent.

How do I submit my ideas? It’s easy! Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to SeeClickFix 
  2. Select “Report an Issue” and enter your preferred location for a new rack
  3. In the Category drop down menu, select “Pick a Bike Rack Location!”
  4. If a request has already been made at this location, hit the “like” button