Raleigh wants to know: where do you park?

bike rack raleigh

The City of Raleigh has begun a bike rack initiative and wants to know where cyclists want bike parking. This is a great opporunity to provide input on where these racks are installed. City riding has exploded recently and there are areas we all recognize as prime candidates for increased bike parking. Help encourage trips by bicycle by recommending racks at destinations you frequent.

How do I submit my ideas? It’s easy! Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to SeeClickFix 
  2. Select “Report an Issue” and enter your preferred location for a new rack
  3. In the Category drop down menu, select “Pick a Bike Rack Location!”
  4. If a request has already been made at this location, hit the “like” button

On the red carpet: The 2013 Golden Modes

We just got back from Go Triangle’s 2013 Golden Modes, an annual Triangle-area commuter award and recognition event. This year it was held in the beautifully re-purposed downtown Cary Arts Center. There were many multi-modal users and organizations being recognized for encouraging others to try alternative commute modes and efforts to make the Triangle a better place.  Continue reading On the red carpet: The 2013 Golden Modes

Announcing Dates for the 2014 Oaks and Spokes Bicycling Festival!

The Oaks and Spokes bicycle festival will take place April 4-13, 2014!
The Oaks and Spokes bicycle festival will take place April 4-13, 2014!

“Oaks and Spokes” as it has affectionately been tagged, was created by a group of cycling advocates in the downtown area, aiming to celebrate bicycles, the people who ride them and the urban fabric that brings it all together in the “City of Oaks.” The 2013 Bicycle Festival was the first of it’s kind in Raleigh, NC.  Due to the diversity of activities, bicycle riders and cyclists of all types came together to celebrate cycling culture in the city. The event which spanned 10-days and was comprised of 13 events attracted an estimated 1,300 participants.  For more information on the activities the press release can be found here and to learn more about the festival see the local coverage here and here.

O&S is excited to announce the dates for the 2014 festival in Raleigh, NC.  We’ve put together a fantastic team and are working hard on establishing a lineup for the events.  Stay tuned!  

Vote with your Butt on November 5

Have you been upset about cars parked in the bike lanes?
Have you been concerned about cars opening their door into you?
Are you concerned about motorists passing safely?

Attend the City Council meeting on Tuesday November 5 at 7PM to show your support for changes in Raleigh’s City Code to address these issues.

Continue reading Vote with your Butt on November 5

Photo Friday: Yarnbomb!


While maybe not technically cycling related, I thought this was a fun thing to touch on today. All around downtown, someone has been yarnbombing street signs and bike racks. Yarnbombing is a sort of street art that brings color into otherwise bland urban infrastructure. It serves a practical purpose as well, helping to protect your bike’s frame from scratches as you lock up. I don’t know who is doing this, but I like it! In particular, I think the additions to the animal racks outside of Chuck’s/Beasley’s/Fox at Martin and Wilmington are adorable. What’s your favorite bit of street art?