On the red carpet: The 2013 Golden Modes

We just got back from Go Triangle’s 2013 Golden Modes, an annual Triangle-area commuter award and recognition event. This year it was held in the beautifully re-purposed downtown Cary Arts Center. There were many multi-modal users and organizations being recognized for encouraging others to try alternative commute modes and efforts to make the Triangle a better place. 


This year the Golden Spokes award for being a champion of cycling in the community went to two individuals, Lee Tobin and Willamina O’Keeffe. We’ve met Willamina and she is a dynamo. She has taken her time to educate coworkers on bike commuting, taking her time off to show them safe routes to the office. We look forward to seeing more great work from her, as she’s only recently moved to the area.

Red Hat was also given the Employee Transportation Coordinator honors for the work on Rachel Anderson. Red Hat saw the great opportunity to promote bike commuting to their new downtown facility. Rachel has worked to provide premium covered bike parking (closer than the cars get!), secure lockers, tool, and shower facilities for employees. This is the kind of forward-thinking we want to see in Raleigh, and we commend Red Hat for providing these amenities to its employees.

oaks and spokes gotriangle golden modes

North Carolina Secretary of Transportation Tony Tata joined in and gave a speech commending everyone on making a difference. Citing the various “Best Place to Live” and “All-American City” type accolades that the Triangle has achieved recently, he was very clear that the effort of the people in the room (Golden Mode recipients and bike/pedestrian/transit champions) are the ones who really make these communities great places to live. We agree, Tony!


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