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A Park with a City In It

capital city greenway 1968 raleigh
The 1968 Capital City Greenway report

Raleigh’s greenway system is a unique and forward-thinking network of natural areas within the city. Despite containing a ribbon as asphalt for cyclists and pedestrians it is far from your typical multi-use path. The Capital City Greenway is a natural preserve that reaches into and around Raleigh. It’s history began in the late 60’s with the intersection of one William Flournoy and the Raleigh Capital Improvement Plan.

We’ve spent some time with Bill Flournoy and we able to learn how the greenway system has grown from a concept on paper to an ever-growing natural refuge for people and wildlife alike.

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American Tobacco Pedestrian Bridge Opening Pushed back to December

ATT Pedestrian Bridge
American Tobacco Trail Bridge over I-40 is now scheduled to open to bicyclists and pedestrians in December.

The American Tobacco Trail’s (ATT’s) Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge is a 270-foot long steel footbridge  built over Interstate 40 and, when completed, will result in a continuous 22-mile trail stretching from downtown Durham to Wake County. Back in July, the City of Durham scheduled the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Pedestrian Bridge for October 12, but a combination of construction and design flaws with the pedestrian safety fence pushed the opening of the bridge back to December 2013. While the bridge opening was delayed, the City of Durham decided to proceed with the opening ceremony on October 12.

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Yes, You Can Survive the Roundabout


They are something that we all have to deal with, but as a cyclist it can be especially daunting to use the roundabouts. Is that car going to stop? Can I make it right now? When should I try to merge into the lane? All of these questions, and more, shall be answered after the break!

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