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Why Oaks & Spokes?


We got a lot of questions from folks when we did the Oaks & Spokes Bicycle Festival in Raleigh last March. Namely, there were a lot of people interested in knowing how we had met and what had prompted us to put on the events. And in the short madness of the festival, we didn’t always manage to come up with a thorough answer for who we are.
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Voting “Yes” to the City of Raleigh Transportation Bond on October 8th will Support Cycling in Your Community!


As Raleigh continues to grow, it is vital that we invest in our transportation networks. This is key to increasing the quality of life of every resident, and maintaining a healthy and dynamic city. In order to secure the necessary funding needed to maintain and improve our transportation system, the City Council has added a Capital Improvement Transportation Bond to the ballot on October 8th. If implemented, the bond will fund 18 projects throughout the city.

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See Click Fix (it up) in Raleigh

Bicyclists travel at about 12-15mph.  We’re not inside a glass bubble.  We cover a lot of ground and are able to see, smell, and hear the things that happen around us.  We notice the day-to-day changes with relative ease on our morning commutes or afternoon rambles on the greenway.  We’re sure to see maintenance issues as our rubber tires roll.  It’s not that issue reporting falls to bicyclists alone, but we are driving the perfect vehicle for making sure that things are up to snuff in Raleigh.

What is See Click Fix?

This is the platform that the City of Raleigh encourages residents to use for reporting non-emergency issue in their neighborhood.  Read on and you will see how quick and easy it is to use if you spot a problem.

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Two Years of Benelux Cafe Social Ride

While the Benelux Café Social Ride started in May, 2011 this September signifies my second year being involved with the ride. Through the months and years I’ve tried to do my part as a photographer to support the growth of the ride, showing through social media how much fun a group of people can have on bikes, even in the dead of winter!

Below are some of my favorite photos from the past couple of years.  Starting in October 2011, through this set of photos you can literally watch us grow.  Enjoy!

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