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An Epic Tour & what it means to be a co-op

This September Raleigh was blessed with an inspiring visitor from the Other Carolina. Eric Morton hails from Charleston, SC and found himself in Raleigh during a bit of a bicycle anomaly: Hopscotch + Bike First Friday. Just three weeks into a year-long, cross-country bicycle tour, Eric rolled into downtown hoping to scope out a good meeting spot by seeking parked bicycles. The problem was: everything was covered in bicycles.

raleigh bike polo epic tour
Eric at the Raleigh Bike Polo picnic

Cyclists tend to gravitate together, so it wasn’t long before Eric found some members of Raleigh Bike Polo scoping out the Hopscotch happenings. There was soon a  critical mass of bike-love at the City Plaza stage. Many stories were shared and folks were very interested in Eric’s journey and plan.  Click ahead to hear about Eric’s cross-country trek and some insights on what it means to be a bicycle co-op.

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Photo Friday: No Flag? No Country!

The Oaks and Spokes flag flies high in Downtown Raleigh.  We just hope no one captures it.

Oaks and Spokes vies for downtown in this game of flags.
Oaks and Spokes vies for downtown in this game of flags at SPARKcon.

See more about the cunning use of flags here:

Tech Tidbit: Tire pressure and you

We all know that we need to inflate our tires to prevent flats and to make riding easier. Do you know why? Why does a fully inflated tire resist flats more than a soft one, shouldn’t it want to pop? Bicycle tires are a wonderful thing and we don’t realize how much they affect our riding experience. You don’t have to be a seasoned racer to appreciate what a difference proper tire inflation can have.


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Ride and Picnic with Raleigh Bike Polo

If your ears have stopped ringing and you’ve been able to catch a few hours of sleep after Hopscotch this weekend, come out Sunday afternoon and ride with Oaks and Spokes to a bike polo picnic party!

polo picnic

Meet at the Capitol steps (where Fayetteville Street hits the Capitol building) in Downtown Raleigh at 1:30pm on Sunday for a seven mile ride.  We will be cruising en masse to Marsh Creek Park where we’ll meet up with Raleigh Bike Polo and attend the Passin’ Snax and Passin’ Balls picnic. Continue reading Ride and Picnic with Raleigh Bike Polo

Photo Friday August 30, 2013

Hargett Street at Wilmington in Front of the Raleigh Times and Stitch in Downtown Raleigh.

Oaks and Spokes partnered with the City of Raleigh to install a Bicycle Corral at this location in May 2013.  Here are the before and after photos.

 Looking good, Raleigh!

raleigh bike corral oaks and spokes
Before and After the Hargett Street Bicycle Corral was installed. May 2013 (top) / August 2013 (bottom)